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Kym and Dan arrive back at Manchester (7th Sept)

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Does it matter, by Siegfried Sassoon – read by Kym Marsh

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To commemorate the start of World War I, the Sunday Mirror has asked famous faces to read war poems #ForTheFallen – here, Kym Marsh reads Siegfried Sassoon

View the video of Kym reading ‘Does it matter?’ on the Mirror website here!

DOES it matter?—losing your legs?…
For people will always be kind,
And you need not show that you mind
When the others come in after hunting
To gobble their muffins and eggs.
Does it matter?—losing your sight?…
There’s such splendid work for the blind;
And people will always be kind,
As you sit on the terrace remembering
And turning your face to the light.
Do they matter?—those dreams from the pit?…
You can drink and forget and be glad,
And people won’t say that you’re mad;
For they’ll know you’ve fought for your country
And no one will worry a bit.

Copyright Siegfried Sassoon by kind permission of the Estate of George Sassoon

Kym Marsh arriving at Key103 today for her 2nd day co-presenting the breakfast show!

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Kym Marsh arriving on Tuesday for her 2nd day co-presenting on Key103 this week!


Kym Marsh pictured arriving at Key103 this morning!

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Kym Marsh was pictured today arriving at Key103 where she was filling in for Chelsea this morning on the Mike and Chelsea breakfast show
Kym is fast becoming a regular filling in at Key103 covering for Chelsea


Full article and credit to MEN Newsdesk

Kym Marsh and David Gest at San Carlo, Manchester! 9th July

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Kym Marsh filming on location – July 8th

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Kym Marsh pictured filming upcoming scenes for Coronation Street (8th July)


Video: Kym performing at Simon Gregsons charity ball (Sat 5th July)

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Kym Marsh supports the new Jeans For Genes Campaign!

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Kym Marsh is supporting the new Jeans for Genes campaign – a charity that supports children with genetic conditions and their families


The official charity T-Shirt is available now online for £20.
We’ve teamed up with Edinburgh College of Art to bring you the current Spring/Summer 2014 colour trends.
Our limited edition women’s fashion t-shirt features designer Rachel Hill’s motif, inspired by the double helix.

You can support Jeans for Genes and find out more about this important charity by visiting their website where you can now buy these Tshirts!

Kym Marsh interview and pictures from Sunday Mirror

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Kym Marsh says she’s in the best shape of her life and thinking about marriage”

Corrie Kym says breaking up is stressful but she’s not bitter – in fact she’s in her best shape ever and wouldn’t rule out wedding bells again
Looking at her perfectly toned curves, it’s easy to see why Corrie beauty Kym Marsh has such a cheeky grin on her face.
In the Sunday Mirror she uncovers the beach-perfect body that was over a year in the sculpting.
But there is also another telling reason for her radiant smile – she is happier and healthier than ever.

Now dating sexy personal trainer Dan Hooper, Kym reveals she hasn’t given up on love – or even marrying again.
“Of course, I haven’t given up on love,” she giggles.
“Yes, it has been a year of adjustments. And going through a break-up is stressful no matter who you are.
“But it hasn’t made me bitter or made me rule out getting married again.
“You never know what the future holds, and one of the things I have learnt is to have no regrets and never say never.”

It was a traumatic year for Kym – previously married to Jack Ryder – as she faced a second high profile divorce from husband Jamie Lomas.
But instead of letting her emotions spiral out of control, the mum of three turned to healthy living and exercise to combat the stress. It shows in her beach-perfect body and defiant smile.
“It’s a year since the split,” she says. “And I’m taking care of myself and concentrating on being healthy and happy for me and my kids. It feels good.
“I’ve spent quite a bit of time with Dan recently and we’re taking it slowly but I’m happy in myself and that’s important.”

Kym, who plays Michelle Connor on the cobbles, has lost half a stone. At 8st 10, the 5ft 4in tall beauty is now a svelte size eight.
She says she has finally shaken off the image of being “the fat one from Hear’Say” by following the Paleo diet and working out six days a week.
She has also given up smoking and booze.
“That comment about my weight from Nigel Lythgoe (on Popstars in 2001) stayed with me for years. It was a terrible thing to say.
“I was never bigger than a size 12 but he said, ‘Christmas is gone but the goose is still fat’.
“That was in the back of my mind for some time after Hear’Say but now I feel good about myself and my body.
“Some people think that to be sexy you have to be stick thin but I don’t think that’s the case at all – just look at Marilyn Monroe who was one of the sexiest women to walk the planet.
“Men like womanly curves. I don’t want to lose my curves, that’s important to me so I’m trying to sculpt my body shape at the moment.
“Exercising and eating healthily is as much about mental health as physical health for me now. I’ve been through stressful times but I go for a workout or a boxing session and the endorphins released when I exercise make me feel good mentally.”

Strength is something Kym has needed these past 12 months. Her second marriage to EastEnders actor Jamie came to an abrupt end last year.
The split left her in turmoil as Jamie is father to her fourth child, Polly.
Following the end of her marriage she had a brief relationship with 24-year-old personal trainer Matt Baker. They split after just a few weeks but remain friends.
Despite her blossoming romance with Dan, the ex of Hollyoaks star Stephanie Waring, 36, Kym insists the personal trainer has nothing to do with her sexy new look.
She says: “Dan doesn’t train me. I was trained by Matt and I wouldn’t want to go out with my trainer again because the second you have an argument the training goes out the window.”

She adds: “The times in my life when I have really let my diet and exercise regime go out the window have been when I’ve been really low.” The heartbreaking death of premature son Archie in 2009 hit Kym hard. She reveals: “After I lost my son, Archie, I stopped exercising altogether and had a really poor diet.
“I lost a lot of weight and people were really worried about me. I was lost for a while there. I struggle to eat when I am feeling low, so I would go from eating nothing to eating really unhealthily.

“I’ve usually eaten relatively healthily. When I was growing up my mum cooked everything from scratch and that’s what I do now. My weaknesses were pizza, pasta, chocolate – all the things you shouldn’t have. But this time I realised a healthy lifestyle can make you feel so much better even if it’s the last thing you feel like doing.
“Now, if I feel low or stressed and don’t think I can eat, I call my trainer Kevin and he recommends ­something for me to have.”

Kym has switched carbs and grains for a high protein diet which includes omelettes for breakfast, steak for lunch and fish for dinner, with healthy high protein snacks of nuts and seeds. Three times a week she visits the gym for intensive personal training sessions working on every part of her body. One day she’ll go for a run and on another two days she ­exercises at home, following strict routines.

She adds: “Polly sees me doing exercises at home and sometimes she joins in and tries to copy what I’m doing, it’s very funny. She’s grown up so quickly and I can’t believe she’s three already.
“My family are so supportive and always have been – without their help it would be very difficult to juggle work and family life.”

Kym, also mum to teenagers David, 19 and Emily, 16, says: “I’m looking after myself ­naturally now but I will never regret having plastic surgery and I’d never rule out having it again.
“If I decided there was something about my body that I wanted to change and I couldn’t do it through exercise then it’s something I would consider.
“After three pregnancies, I lost confidence because I had a pouch of fat on my tummy I couldn’t shift and my boobs disappeared.
“I’d gone from a D to a B cup and lost the shape too. I had my boobs done and a bit of ­liposuction in 2009 and I don’t regret that.
“The most important thing for me at the moment is to show my children a positive body image. That means someone who looks after herself and exercises but eats too. I do that.”

Kym’s strong family ties are also the reason for her decision to give up smoking and cut down on booze. I have finally given up smoking because I have realised it’s something that could be really detrimental to my health.
“There is heart disease in my family which puts me at higher risk, so it’s really not ­something I should be doing.
“I’ve always known, but it’s one of those things – life gets in the way. There are lots of things we shouldn’t do but we do.
“But now I am doing it. I’m going cold turkey. I used to smoke when I was stressed but now I turn to training instead.
“I’ve always liked to go out for drinks and enjoy myself at the weekends but I am going dry for a month in the run up to my summer holidays, too. I’m going to get my family and colleagues to sponsor me to raise money for my charity of choice – that will make me do it!”

Kym’s life overhaul seems to be doing her good and she certainly looks the part.
Credit: Sunday Mirror

Kym Marsh pictured with Dan this weekend

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from the Daily Mail website
Kym Marsh pictured with Dan at the baptism of his friend’s son in Ruislip on Saturday


You’re hired! Corrie’s Kym takes on Chantelle as her apprentice assistant to the stars

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Kym Marsh and VIP Appearances have hired a new apprentice assistant to the company after teaming up with The Manchester College’s Apprenticeship campaign to help getting young people into work and apprenticeships!


Chantelle Booth, 21, says she is ‘over the moon’ after being chosen for dream job at Street actress’s celebrity agency VIP Appearances
An unemployed woman has been hand-picked by Corrie’s Kym Marsh for a dream role as an assistant to the stars.
Chantelle Booth, 21, landed the role after pop star-turned-actress Kym gave her backing to a campaign aimed at getting people to sign up to apprenticeships.

Kym pledged to give one lucky job-hunter a role at her agency, VIP Appearances, which she founded with her ex-husband, former Hollyoaks star Jamie Lomas.
Chantelle, from Poundswick in Wythenshawe, says she was over the moon after landing the job.
The role will see her assisting at celebrity events and working on the company’s social media platforms.
She will also receive training at The Manchester College.
Chantelle said: “This is an amazing opportunity and I can’t wait to get started.
“Kym is such a fantastic role model showing what you can achieve when you set your mind to it, and I know I’ll learn a lot from the job.
“I’m so glad I came to the careers fair at the college.
“I never dreamed my dream job was round the corner!”

Chantelle put herself forward after attending a careers fair at the college’s Wythenshawe Campus.
The college pledged to place 100 local people into jobs or training.
Kym, who plays Michelle Connor in Corrie, worked with the college apprenticeship team to find her new employee.
Chantelle was unveiled as the successful candidate.
Kym said: “We are really thrilled to be involved with The Manchester College on their campaign.
“I’m a big fan of apprenticeships.
“It’s a fantastic idea, it was no-brainer for us to get involved.
“It’s good to be able to support education in Manchester and give someone a chance.
“We all need to get a break. I’m delighted to welcome Chantelle on to the team, she’ll fit right in.”

The event was part of ‘Wythenshawe Week’ promoting the college’s campus in the town.
Maggie Karwat, head of campus, said: “The aim of the week was to bring everyone together at the same time and show local people what is available to them and support them in taking the next step to achieve their goals.”

Happy Birthday Kym!!

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Happy Birthday Kym!

Hope you have such a wonderful day – you really deserve it!
I’m so proud of you, you are a beautiful person, inside and out and you deserve so much happiness!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me over all these years, I’m very grateful for everything!
Love you always!


Happy Birthday from Me and all your fans and supporters from Twitter, Website and Facebook Group!

OK Magazine Scans – May 2014

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Kym Marsh - OK MagazineKym Marsh - OK MagazineKym Marsh - OK MagazineKym Marsh - OK MagazineKym Marsh - OK MagazineKym Marsh - OK MagazineKym Marsh - OK MagazineKym Marsh - OK MagazineKym Marsh - OK MagazineKym Marsh - OK MagazineKym Marsh - OK Magazine

Kym Mars takes Polly to see The Night Garden Live at the O2

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Kym Marsh joined by family took Polly to see The Night Garden Live at the O2 arena on 31st May
Looks like they all had such a great day out in London


Kym Marsh enjoys a day at Alton Towers

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Source: Daily Mail – 7th June 2014

Kym Marsh pictured at Key103 after co-hosting the breakfast show

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Kym Marsh was co-hosting the breakfast show on Key 103 on the 19th-21st May with Mike. Kym is a regular filling in for Chelsea on the Mike and Chelsea breakfast slot!
Kym did a fab job as always and was pictured here arriving/leaving the station