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Interview with Kym Marsh and Simon Gregson in this weeks TV Times Magazine

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As Coronation Street’s Steve gives Michelle a birthday cake to remember this week, Kym Marsh and Simon Gregson talk to TV Times magazine about their relationship on and off the cobbles – and reveal their plans for the Easter weekend…

Steve and Michelle are one of the more stable couples on The Street right now. What is the secret of their successful relationship?
Kym: “Since they got back together, there’s a whole new trust thing between them. And they know each other inside out – they were friends before they ever got together. I don’t think they try to change each other. She knows what his downfalls are, and she kind of accepts them and embraces them because she wouldn’t have him any other way. He’s an idiot, but he’s her idiot!”
Simon: “They have a lot of fun; they get on. Steve’s been bad in the past; he cheated on Michelle with Becky. He knows he was lucky to get her back, so he can’t do anything to mess it up.”

Who wears the trousers?
Kym: “Michelle definitely wears the trousers! I think they’re a classic Corrie couple. When you look at people like Jack and Vera – those couples that have worked really well – the woman is always the feisty one, and the guy’s always a bit downtrodden.”
Simon: “Michelle certainly knows how to boss him around, but Steve’s one of those guys who will do anything for a quiet life. If he wanted to kick up a fuss, he would, but he can’t be bothered. He’s very much like Jack in that way – ‘OK, just let ‘em bang on for a bit, let ‘em think they’re in charge, and then I can go to the pub and everything’s fine.’”

Do you find it easy to work together, given how long your characters have been a couple?
Kym: “Absolutely, when you’re sitting at home reading your lines, you know exactly what the other person’s going to do and how they’re going to do it. Simon may pull some funnier faces, however – he’s terrible. I always say to him, ‘Whatever you’re going to do, do it in the rehearsal so that I can get used to it’ because if he does something different in the take, I’ll just laugh.”
Simon: “Totally, it’s very easy to do scenes with people you’ve worked with for a long time, especially if you’re friends with them as well. It’s very easy working with Kym.”

What would you say each other’s best quality and worst habit is?
Kym: “Simon’s best quality is he’s just so funny. If you’re having a bad day, you know he’s going to cheer you up. The crew all love him as well, he’s a natural comedian. I don’t know if he’s got any bad habits. We both get really bad heartburn, so we share a bottle of Gaviscon on set. We’re like an old married couple!”
Simon: “Yes, there’s several bottles of Gavison behind the Rover’s bar. How times have changed! Kym’s best quality is that she’s extremely funny. Her worst quality is that she’s constantly got her phone in her hand, which she’s completely addicted to. I’m like ‘Get off the phone, I’m bored!’”


Tell us about the birthday cake that Steve makes for Michelle this week…
Kym: “It’s the first birthday that Michelle has had on screen – I’ve never had one in nearly nine years, so I’m wondering how old I am! He buys her a nice necklace and decides he’s going to make her a cake, but it’s a surprise. He’s in and out of the kitchen all day, completely covered in flour, and she’s like ‘What are you doing?’ He brings it out and it’s slightly burnt, but she’s really chuffed that he’s gone to that effort. I think it’s his way of saying he loves her.
Simon: “She finds it cute rather than annoying, so the cake has a happy ending. And he’s made an effort with the necklace – he’s gone shopping, which is a big thing for a man.”

Steve joins the gym this week so he can get fit and beat Lloyd in the fun run. We have visions of him wearing a tracksuit and Michelle laughing…
Kym: “Oh, believe me, you will laugh a lot!”
Simon: “It’s not a tracksuit, it’s a skin tight outfit. It’s quite a sight. And no, I haven’t kept it. I don’t want to ever see it again!”

Steve knows about Peter’s affair with Tina – could this cause problems for him and Michelle, given that Peter’s wife, Carla, is Michelle’s best mate?
Kym: “We’ll have to wait and see, but I wouldn’t imagine she will be very happy…”
Simon: “He really didn’t want to know this secret but it got blurted out and he’s got no choice but to be involved now. Why he doesn’t tell Michelle is beyond me – but he doesn’t, and I’m sure it will cause all sorts of issues later on.”

Long-term, would you like Michelle and Steve to get married?
Kym: “I always said I didn’t want Michelle to settle down, but I would love her and Steve to get married. I think it makes sense and it would be nice to think they have some longevity rather than being one of those couples that splits up.”
Simon: “I think Steve and Michelle being married would be good, and if they could be married without us having to film a marriage, that would be even better. They last two weeks and they’re dead boring. They could get married off-screen…. or abroad! The producer’s in earshot now. (speaks louder) Yes, I think they should get married in the Caribbean; we could do a spin-off. You could come and write about it, everybody’s happy! The producer’s not happy at all, but we are!”

Finally, what are you plans for Easter?
Kym: “We’re working on Good Friday, but we’re off on Easter Monday, so I’m going to take my tribe to London for the weekend to see some of their old school friends (Kym has three children – teenagers David and Emily, and three year old Polly). We lived down south during my Hear’Say days. I’m a massive chocoholic but at the moment I’m on this whole fitness thing. I’ve got to be careful what I eat, but I will make sure that Easter Sunday is my cheat day.”
Simon: “We’ll be off down south to a friend’s place – I think it’s near a water park, so we’ll go there with the kids (Simon and his wife Emma have two boys – Alfie, 6, and Harry, 4). I’m not a massive chocolate fan, which people will probably laugh at when they see me on screen looking like some kind of huge bear. I wouldn’t mind one, but I wouldn’t be able to keep hold of it, ‘cos the kids would be all over it like crazed animals!”

Kym and Family visit Disneyland Pairs

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Kym and her family enjoyed a magical trip to Disneyland Paris recently to celebrate Polly’s 3rd Birthday
Kym was joined by Polly, Emily and her Parents, Dave and Pauline as they enjoyed a long weekend in Paris


Full Article from The Mirror

Kym’s Episode of The Cube – 11th April, 9pm

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Kym Marsh’s episode of The Cube will be on ITV on Friday 11th April at 9pm!


#NoMakeupSelfie helps raise millions for Cancer Research UK

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#NoMakeupSelfie has helped raise millions of pounds for Cancer Research UK after #NoMakeupSelfie went viral on sites like Facebook and Twitter.
Various celebrities also tweeted their picture including Kym (see below)


Millions of people took to Facebook and twitter posting their pictures to raise awareness and texting BEAT to 70099 which donates £3 to Cancer Research UK

Interview with Kym Marsh, Lisa Riley and Sue Holderness on Vagina Monologues

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You can see Kym, Sue and Lisa in the Vagina Monologues at the Gaiety Theater, Isle of Man from Today (Thursday) till Saturday – 3 Shows Only!

The Vagina Monologues, by Eve Ensler arrives at the Gaiety Theatre from Reel Vision on Vimeo.

Video by ReelVision

Video: Kym Marsh on 8 Out Of 10 Cats

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Full video now added of Kym from Mondays episode of 8 Out Of 10 Cats!


Kym Marsh at Key103 Manchester, 28th Feb

Mar 1, 2014   //   by admin   //   Kym News, Site Updates  //  Comments Off

Kym was pictured again yesterday on the way to co-host the breakfast show on Key103
Ive recorded the full show so will be adding audio clips from the show later this weekend!

Kym Marsh Key103Kym Marsh Key103Kym Marsh Key103Kym Marsh Key103

Kym Marsh Key103Kym Marsh Key103

Kym back on Manchester’s Key103 plus audio from todays show now added!

Feb 27, 2014   //   by admin   //   Kym News, Site Updates  //  Comments Off

Kym was back co-hosting Key103 from 6am this morning!
If you missed her, Ive uploaded some audio of the topics covered on today’s show!

Kym is also on tomorrow, you can download the Key103 app from iTunes or listen online if you’re not in the Manchester area!


Kym Marsh joins as Co-Presenter at Key103′s Breakfast Show!

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Kym Marsh was at Key103 in Manchester yesterday as she co-hosted the breakfast show with DJ Mike Toolan filling in for Chelsea who is currently off this week!
Key103′s Morning show was from 6am – 10am and Kym was pictured nice and early arriving at the radio station in Manchester!

Kym Marsh Key103Kym Marsh Key103Kym Marsh Key103Kym Marsh Key103Kym Marsh Key103Kym Marsh Key103Kym Marsh Key103Kym Marsh Key103Kym Marsh Key103Kym Marsh Key103

Kym Marsh and Emilie at David Gest’s Legends Of Soul Night, London

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Kym Marsh was joined by daughter Emilie at Gilgamesh in Camden, London this weekend at David Gest’s dinner and Legends Of Soul Night.

Kym Marsh and EmilieKym Marsh and EmilieKym Marsh and Emilie

Kym Marsh enjoys a night out in Manchester with friends!

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Kym Marsh looked stunning last night as she went out with Friends for a night out in Manchester!

Kym MarshKym MarshKym MarshKym MarshKym MarshKym MarshKym MarshKym MarshKym MarshKym Marsh

Remembering Archie Jay ❤ 11/2/2009 ❤

Feb 11, 2014   //   by admin   //   Kym News  //  Comments Off

Those we love don’t go away
They walk beside us every day
Unseen, Unheard, But always near
So loved, so missed
So very dear

Here are a few of the lovely tweets posted by some of Kyms family, friends and fans! Xx
read more

Follow Kyms Family On Twitter

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Full list of Kym’s family who are now on twitter – Go Follow them!! :)

Recently Kyms daughter Emilie and Sister Tracey and Niece Kim have also joined twitter!!

Full list inc links to their twitters: read more

Kym supports Emilie at BGT Audition in Manchester

Feb 10, 2014   //   by admin   //   Kym News, Site Updates  //  Comments Off

Kym Marsh was at the Britain’s Got Talent auditions in Manchester on Friday 7th Feb as her daughter Emilie auditioned for the show!

Kym was joined by friends and family as Emilie auditioned in front of David Walliams, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden – Simon Cowell wasnt at the Manchester auditions that day due to being off sick!

A massive good luck to Emilie! She has an amazing voice and is sure to go far!!!

Judge David Walliams complimented daughter Emily, telling her she was ‘so brave’ for taking to the stage, while Alesha reportedly said: ‘You’ve had a fantastic teacher then, in your mum.’